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-艶- Lolita ♥ 日常のメルヘンロリータちゃん


-艶- Lolita ♥ [adeyaka lolita]
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-艶- Lolita ♥
あでやか(な) a・de・ya・ka (-na adj.): (uk) bewitching, fascinatingly elegant.

This is the community to share our favourite music. The theme of music is "日常のメルヘンロリータちゃん" or "Fairytale Lolita of the Everyday Life". It may not be what is expected, so please try it! You may browse by year, genre, or artist by using the tags.

DISCLAIMER: This music is for sampling purpose only. Please download as you like, but must be deleted in 24 hours. Please support artists by purchase the albums!

These rips are by various contributors at Tainted World, ☆ J-Music Station ☆, and others. Original rips will be marked. Please do not repost.

♥ hanako & shinji
maintained by: [info] hanako-lovely and [info] shinjis_risk
Currently looking for co-maintainers.